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Direct observations: clinical cases, poisoning incidents and other

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direct observations: clinical cases, poisoning incidents and other
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supporting study
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other: A summary of direct observation data is provided in the Executive Summary.

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Nickel monoxide
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Nickel monoxide
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Nickel (ii) oxide

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Following an extensive literature search, only a single study was identified characterizing clinical cases, poisoning incidents, and other direct observations in humans. This study reported on nineteen case studies of male steelworkers employed as deseamers of steel ingots, identifying pulmonary dysfunction and signs of pneumoconiosis among workers exposed to nickel oxide (Jones and Warner 1972). The authors concluded that because workers were exposed to compounds other than iron, siderosis was not an appropriate diagnosis and rather suggested that the correct diagnosis was mixed-dust pneumoconiosis and the loss of pulmonary function was caused by the effects of the mixture of metallic oxides. Though the findings of this study are informative, they are not sufficient to fully characterize this endpoint.