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Key studies for environmental fate end-points have been conducted to recognised testing guidelines or using validated QSAR models.

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The substance is not readily biodegradable (0% within 28 days).

The estimated half-life time of the test substance at pH 4 and pH 7 is higher than one year under representative environmental conditions (25°C): the substance is hydrolytically stable.

Photolytic Degradation Rate of Omnirad 379


DT50, dark [days]


DT50, phot [days]


DT90, dark [days]


DT90, phot [days]

 pH4  >10,000  0.019  >10,000  0.062
 pH7  229  <0.012  762  0.036


The BCFs are in the range of 689 -758. The substance is not bioaccumulative according PBT criteria.

Transport and distribution

The substance exhibits a high potential for adsorption to soil (logKoc = 3.5).

From the water surface, the substance will not evaporate into the atmosphere (Henry's Law constant = 2.23 x 10 -7 Pa.m3/mole).

Thus, if released into the environment, the substance will mainly be distributed to soil and sediment.