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Substance   Endpoint
 State of the Substance  White solid, crystalline, odourless
 Melting/Freezing Point  > 400 deg C
 Boiling Point  > 400 deg C
 Relative Density  1.54
 Vapour Pressure  < 1.33 x 10-8 Pa at 20 deg C
 Surface Tension  70.8 mN/m at 20 deg C
 Water Solubility  818 g/L at 20 deg C
 Partition Coefficient, logPow  -3.18 at 20 deg C
 Flash Point  Waiving: solid
 Flammability  Non-flammable
 Explosive Properties  Expert statement: no explosive properties
 Ignition Temperature  Not self-ignitable
 Oxidising Properties  Expert statement: no oxidising properties
 Granulometry  d50 = 68 micrometres
 Viscosity (dynamic)  Waiving: solid
 Stability in Organic Solvents  Statement: the stability in organic solvents is considered not to be critical
 Dissociation Constant  Expert statement: fully ionised when dissolved