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Concluding remark: This dossier covers various physical forms of elemental silver, such as massive forms (e.g. ingots or wires) as well as powders of various size specifications, including nano forms. Only where applicable in this dossier section (technical dossier section 4) these various forms are addressed. For example, section 4.5 on particle size distribution provides data on various powder forms including nano forms, and includes some generic, non-confidential data on relative surface area and dustiness. Other physico-chemical properties, such as melting point, are independent of the physical form of metallic silver, and the various forms are not explicitly addressed in the respective sections. Physico-chemical properties only applicable to nanosilver have been reported in section 4.28 of IUCLID.

With regards to nano forms of silver, it is explicitly noted that at the time of preparation of this dossier (February 2014) there are no formal data requirements for the registration of nanomaterials, but specific information on nanosilver has been generated by the Precious Metals Consortium following the Silver Substance Evaluation. Nanosilver is usually placed on the market in the form of wetted powders or in suspension form, and various coatings and/or solvents are used. Such information is often confidential to the individual registrant, and thus not provided in the joint sections of the dossier. Additional information is available in the individual dossier section 1.4 on analytical data, as applicable, and as provided by each registrant..