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-Short-term toxicity to aquatic invertebrates: Key study. Method according to OECD TG 202 / EU Method C.2, GLP study. The 48h EC50 value of the test item on Daphnia magna is 82.52 mg/L (95 % conf. limits: 70.40 – 95.37 mg/L), and the 48h NOEC is 50 mg/L.

-Toxicity to aquatic algae and cyanobacteria: Key study. Method according to OECD TG 201 / EU Method C.3, GLP study. Based on the results on growth rate, the 72h EC50 of the test item on freshwater algae is 36.75 mg/L, the NOEC is 9.8 mg/L and the LOEC is 31.3 mg/L.

Conclusion on classification

Based on available data (48h-EC50 in Daphnids = 82.52 mg/L, 72h-EC50 in algae = 36.75 mg/L and 72h-NOEC in algae = 9.8 mg/L) and since the substance is readily biodegradable, with a LogKow < 4, the test item is not classified for aquatic toxicity, according to CLP regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008.