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Acute aquatic toxicity data for Daphnia, algae and STP microorganisms are available for dihydrogen hexahydroxyplatinate.


For acute toxicity to fish, data are read across from dihydrogen hexahydroxyplatinate, compound with 2-aminoethanol. Read across is considered to be appropriate as the platinum-containing component of the substance is identical to dihydrogen hexahydroxyplatinate, and in ecotoxicity test media dihydrogen hexahydroxyplatinate and 2-aminoethanol appear to separate rather than staying as a complex. Based on the available ecotoxicity data 2-aminoethanol is expected to be less toxic than platinum and therefore any toxicity is likely to be driven by the platinum component, although some additional toxicity due to 2-aminoethanol cannot be ruled out. As fish are not the most sensitive trophic level, the environmental classification of dihydrogen hexahydroxyplatinate is driven by data on the substance itself.