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Dibenzyltoluene (called now Dibenzylbenzene, ar-methyl derivative) is not considered to be a PBT substance. It does not meet the P/vP criterion based on screening data. Its predicted metabolites do not fulfill the screening P/vP criteria. Dibenzyltoluene (Dibenzylbenzene, ar-methyl derivative) meets the B criterion based on screening data, but its first metabolite does not fulfill the screening B criterion. PBT/vPvB assessment for dibenzyltoluene (dibenzylbenzene, ar-methyl derivative) has already been carried out by European Competent Authorities. Dibenzyltoluene (dibenzylbenzene, ar-methyl derivative) bore the number 43 on the list of candidate substances. The report can be found in chapter 13 "ECB PBT working group".

Nevertheless, this information will be updated later based on ECHA decision number CCH-D-2114432929-37-01/F requested several simulation tests on environmental compartments and depending on these results, a new OECD 305.