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The potential for bioaccumulation is low.

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Bioaccumulation potential

Standard OECD 305 tests are technically very complicated with strongly sorbing ready biodegradable substances. In addition is the route of exposure in a standard OECD 305 test via the aquatic route unrealistic for these substances because the substance will either be sorbed or biodegraded. OECD 305-I, II and III testing is therefore considered not technically feasible and should be waived according to annex XI (section 2) of REACh regulation EC 1907/2006. No measured BCF fish is therefore available.

The log Kow value available has been calculated from the ratio of the octanol solubility and CMC. This value can be used as a worst-case log Kow and is considered acceptable. In the absence of measured BCF data, the BCF was calculated using the BCFBAF v3.0 estimation program as included in EPIweb v4.0. Based on a measured log Kow of 4.06 a BCF is calculated of 70.8 L/kg ww for the protonated N-C16-18-alkyl-(even numbered, C18 unsaturated) trimethylpropane-1,3-diamine and 9.36 L/kg for the non-protonated molecule.

The biodegradability is a strong indication that this substance is also metabolized in fish. In vitro biotransformation by rainbow trout hepatic subcellulair fraction has been observed for primary alkyl amines and alkyl propane-1,3-diamines. It is therefore likely that also for the methylated diamine biotransformation will be observed.

The calculated BCF indicates a low bioaccumulation potential. N-C16-18-alkyl-(even numbered, C18 unsaturated) trimethylpropane-1,3-diamine is almost completely protonated under ambient conditions. In addition, the bioavailable fraction of N-C16-18-alkyl-(even numbered, C18 unsaturated) trimethylpropane-1,3-diamine is quickly degraded and a chronic exposure to a significant concentration in the aquatic compartment is therefore unlikely (the substance is either sorbed or degraded).