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PBT assessment: overall result

PBT status:
the substance is not PBT / vPvB

The substance in the form in which it is marketed and used is considered not readily biodegradable and thus is concluded to be potentially persistent or very persistent. The substance is considered to have a low potential for bioaccumulation and is therefore not bioaccumulative or very bioaccumulative. Based on read across the substance is not expected to show acute toxicity to aquatic organisms at loading rates up to 100 mg/L (WAF). The substance is not carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic for reproduction and data indicate that chronic toxicity and repeat dose specific target organ toxicity is not expected. The substance is therefore not toxic.

The substance is considered not to meet the criteria for PBT/vPVB.

Likely routes of exposure:

Assessments of likely routes of exposure are not required for substances which are considered to be not PBT/vPvB.