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The substance being registered under REACH is ‘1-propanaminium, N-(3-aminopropyl)-2-hydroxy-N,N-dimethyl-3-sulfo-, N-C12-14 acyl derivs., hydroxides, inner salts’, named as 'Betadet SHR-S' in certain study reports . This substance is sold. The commercial product named 'Betadet SHR' which contains ca. 50% water is a colourless liquid. Excluding water the substance was assessed to be a white solid. All physical hazard testing, affecting the CLP classification, has been performed on the commercial product 'Betadet SHR'.

The substance has a melting point of 307 oC, a boiling point of >350 oC and a density, relative to water, of 1.184 at 20 oC. Granulometry is not applicable as the substance is marketed or used only in a non-solid or granular form. A vapour pressure determination does not need to be conducted as the substance has a melting point above 300 oC. Partition coefficient values were calculated using KOWWIN: the components have Log Kow values from -7.24 to -0.37, and the main constituent has a calculated Log Kow value of -2.34. The water solubility was determined in a study run to OECD Guideline 105. The mean water solubility of Betadet SHR-S was 559 ± 28 g/L. The aqueous surface tension was 34.18 mN/m (1 g/L, 20.5 oC), the substance is not a flammable liquid and the auto-ignition temperature of Betadet SHR was measured to be 395 ± 5 °C at an atmospheric pressure of 100.7 kPa.

A determination of the flammability (solid) is not considered applicable as all physical hazard safety testing was performed on the commercial product which is a liquid, so a flammable liquid determination was made instead. The substance is not classified under any other CLP physical hazard endpoint.

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