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Appearance:organic and yellow liquid odourless with solid-liquid suspension form.

Freezing Point: 5.9°C

Boiling Point: 285.6°C at 101.3 kPa

Densities: 1243.9 Kg/m3at 20°C; 1234.11 Kg/m3at 40°C; 1215.94 Kg/m3at 60°C; 1197.32 Kg/m3at 80°C.

Particle size distribution: not determined

Vapour pressure: 0.52 Pa at 25°C

Partition coefficients (log10 Pow): -0.62 at 40°C and pH 3.95 (as acid)

Water solubility: 43.8 g/L at 20°C and pH 2.3 (as acid)

Surface tension: not determined.

Flash point:162.1°C at 101.3 kPa

Autoflammability: not determined.

Flammability:not flammable.

Explosivity: not explosive.

Oxidising properties: not oxidising.

Dissociation constants: pKa1= 4.07 and pKa2= 6.19 at 20°C.

Viscosities: 28 mPa•s at 40°C; 13 mPa•s at 60°C; 6 mPa•s at 80.0°C

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