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relative self-ignition temperature (solids)
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According to the CLP Regulation Annex I, section 2.11 :
Annex I: 'A self-heating substance or mixture is a liquid or solid substance or mixture, other than a pyrophoric liquid or solid, which, by reaction with air and without energy supply, is liable to self-heat; this substance or mixture differs from a pyrophoric liquid or solid in that it will ignite only when in large amounts (kilograms) and after long periods of time (hours or days).’ Self-heating of a substance or a mixture is a process where the gradual reaction of that substance or mixture with oxygen (in the air) generates heat. If the rate of heat production exceeds the rate of heat loss, then the temperature of the substance or mixture will rise which, after an induction time, may lead to self-ignition and combustion.
In the case of BaO2, the substance is known to decompose slowly in contact with air (O'Neil, M.J. (ed) The Merck Index - An encyclopedia of Chemicals, Drugs, and Biologicals. Whitehouse Station, NJ;Merck and Co, Inc., 2006, p165). The self-ignition is not considered a a property of the substance.

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