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Acute Toxicity: oral

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Administrative data

acute toxicity: oral
Adequacy of study:
other information

Data source

Reference Type:
other: Body responsible for the test

Materials and methods

Test guideline
according to guideline
other: 92/69/EWG, B.1; OECD 401
GLP compliance:
Test type:
standard acute method
Limit test:

Test animals

other: rat, Wistar Hsd Cpb:WU (SPF)

Administration / exposure

other: Aceton/Erdnussöl (DAB10) 4/6 (v/v)

Results and discussion

Effect levels
Dose descriptor:
Effect level:
> 5 000 mg/kg bw
Male: 2000 mg/kg bw; Number of animals: 5; Number of deaths: 0
Male: 5000 mg/kg bw; Number of animals: 5; Number of deaths: 0
Female: 2000 mg/kg bw; Number of animals: 5; Number of deaths: 0
Female: 5000 mg/kg bw; Number of animals: 5; Number of deaths: 0
Clinical signs:
Signs of toxicity related to dose levels:
Bei 2000 mg/kg KG und 5000 mg/kg KW verminderte Motilität,
Blässe bzw. Hautrötung, spastischer Gang, erschwerte Atmung,
Atemgeräusche und rote Krustenbildung an der Schnauze.

Die Symptome begannen 5 - 20 Minuten nach Gabe der Substanz
und hielten bis zu 7 Stunden an.

Bei 2 weiblichen Tieren zeigte sich nach einiger Zeit, als
alle anderen Tiere wieder beschwerdefrei waren, gesträubtes
Fell, verringerte Beweglichkeit und unkoordinierter Gang.
Diese Symptome blieben bis zum Ende der Beobachtungszeit


Reduced motility at 2000 mg/kg KG and 5000 mg/kg KW,
paleness or redding of the skin,spastc duct, difficulties
with respiration, noisy respiration and formation of red
incrustions on the lips. The symptoms arose 5 - 20 min after
serving and continued up to 7 hours.

Two of the femail animals showed after a while, when all of
the other animals had recovered, pillow errection, decreased
mobility and uncoordinated duct. Thes symptoms were observed
up to the end of the observation time.
Gross pathology:
Effects on organs:
Die pathologische Untersuchung am Ende der Studie zeigt
dunkelrote Herde in der Lunge.


The pathological examination after the study showed dark-red
focuses in the lung.

Applicant's summary and conclusion

Interpretation of results:
not classified
Migrated information Criteria used for interpretation of results: EU

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