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PBT assessment: overall result

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further information relevant for the PBT assessment is necessary

-        The substance is ‘possibly P/vP’ since it is not readily biodegradable;
-        The substance is ‘possibly B/vB’ since the logKow is >4.5 (i.e. 5.4);

-        The substance is T since it is classified as STOT RE2 (specific target organ toxicity after repeated exposure, category 2) based on the OECD 422.

The results are inconclusive and do not allow for an unequivocal PBT assessment as the guidance requires.
Further information relevant for the PBT assessment is necessary. Considering the P-properties of the starting material, it is most likely that the registered substance is P as well. Therefore, it is considered that a BCF study will be most likely to lead to results that can be used for a definitive conclusion on the B criterion and thus the PBT assessment. To this end, a testing proposal for a BCF study is included in this dossier (see IUCLID section 5.3.1).

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