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This multi-constituent substance is a mixture of molecules with 3 to 4 ethylene oxide 'monomer' units with a methoxy terminal function at one end of the molecule and a hydroxyl function group at the other end. Based on widely available data from multiple handbooks and manufacturers information on the two constituents, which as a whole can be considered reliable, and the information from this category approach, the following physicochemical information can be derived that is considered representative of this substance:

 Appearance/physical state/colour  Colourless liquid
 Melting point (@101325Pa) <-20C
 Initial boiling point (@101325Pa)  296 - 299C
 Density (@20C)  1065kg/m3
 Vapour pressure (@298K)  ~0.1 Pa
 Partition coefficient, logKow (@20C)  <=-1.5
 Solubility in water (@20C) fully miscible
 Surface tension (1000mg/l in water @20C)  ~70mN/m
 Flash point (@101325Pa) 114C
 Autoignition temperature (@101325Pa) 180C
 Flammability  non flammable
 Dissociation constant (pKa)  14.9
 Viscosity (@20C)  ~12mPas