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Guidance on Safe Use

Guidance on Safe Use

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Administrative data

First-aid measures

In case of breathing difficulties, leave/move the victim outside the hazardous area to allow for fresh air. In case of respiratory failure, perform
artificial respiration (preferably mouth-to-mouth breathing). Keep the victim in a warm, quiet place. Treat all symptoms. Get medical attention

Skin contact:
No special care. Wash hands.

Eye contact:
Wash eyes immediately with large amounts of water or normal saline, occasionally lifting upper and lower lid, until no evidence of chemical remains.
Get medical attention immediately.

No specific antidote. Treat all symptoms. Get medical attention immediately. If vomiting occurs, keep head lower than the entire body to prevent

Fire-fighting measures

Protection against Fire and Explosions:
Negligible fire hazard when exposed to heat or flame. No risk of explosion.

Suitable Fire Extinguish Media:
Foam, carbon dioxide or water spray.

Non suitable Media:

Special Exposure Hazards:

Accidental release measures

Protective equipment:
Dust-resistant or splash-proof safety goggles advised.

Environmental protective measures:
Non toxic product. Biodegradable. Avoid spilling product in sewage system. If large quantities of product are discharged in water streams or to a
waste water treatment station, the ecosystem or the waste water treatment plant may experience disruptions owing to the COD required to degrade
the product.

When the product is in solution:
For small spills, take up with sand or other absorbent material and place into containers for later disposal. For larger spills, dike far ahead of spill
for later disposal.

Product in its solid form:
Sweep up (e.g. shovel preferable made of plastic and broom), place in a bag and hold for waste disposal. Clean shovel and broom after usage.

Handling and storage

Storage at normal temperatures, in a dry place.

Can be kept in the closed original package for 5 years (except MSG Powder 1 year). After opening of the package, must be used rapidly. Must not be
stored in the vicinity of aromatic materials.

Transport information

Land transport (UN RTDG/ADR/RID)

UN number:
Not regulated for transport.
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Inland waterway transport (UN RTDG/ADN(R))

UN number:
Not regulated for transport.
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Marine transport (UN RTDG/IMDG)

UN number:
Not regulated for transport.
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Air transport (UN RTDG/ICAO/IATA)

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Not regulated for transport.
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Exposure controls / personal protection

Industrial hygiene
- Ventilation:
As for any material which may generate dusts during handling or mixing, provide local machanical exhaust or general dilution system.

Personal protection
- Respirator:
If appropriate ventilation equipment of the local: none. If high levels of dusts generated, paper masks or self-contained breathing apparatus.
- Hands and body:
No particular clothing. Gloves: not necessary.
- Eyes:
Not necessary if appropriate ventilation of the local is supplied. If high levels of dust are generated, dust-resistant goggles advised.

Stability and reactivity

This preparation is stable under normal condition of use.

Thermal decomposition: None.

Hazardous reactions: None.

Hazardous decomposition products: None.

Disposal considerations

Waste disposal:
Disposal in accordance with the local/national regulations in force.