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Based on the available data on its physical and chemical properties, dimethyl glutarate is a colourless liquid with a freezing point of -38°C (235 K), a boiling point of 216°C (ca. 1018 hPa) and a relative density of 1.09 g/cm3 at 20°C. The vapour pressure was determined to be between 8.3 Pa at 20°C and 14 Pa at 25°C.

Dimethyl glutarate is considered as very soluble (> 10000 mg/L) in water based on the water solubility of 63.1 g/L (at 20°C) and to have a low potential for bioaccumulation based on measured logPow value of 0.49 (at 20°C). The measured surface tension showed that it is not a surface active substance.

Dimethyl glutarate has no pyrophoric, explosive, or oxidising, properties and is not flammable in contact with water. The autoflammability/self-ignition temperature of dimethyl glutarate was determined to be 440°C between 1018.2 to 1020 hPa.