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phototransformation in soil
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Data source

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secondary source
AOPWIN is contained in the computer program EPIWIN (Estimate ver. 3.04), available from Syracuse Research Corp.
Meylan, M. SRC (1994-1999)

Materials and methods

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Method: other (calculated): AOPWin Version 1.89 (EPIWIN)

Test material

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Reference substance 001
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Test type: other: Atmospheric oxidationIUCLID4 Test substance: other TS: Wax and related materials

Results and discussion

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AOP was calculated using the EPIWIN© model, AOPWIN V1.90 (U.S. EPA,  2000).  Atmospheric half-lives of 0.10 to 0.66 days have been calculated  for representative hydrocarbon components in waxes.


Applicant's summary and conclusion