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PBT assessment: overall result

PBT status:
the substance is not PBT / vPvB

Evaluation of registered substance (Quaternary ammonium compounds, tri-C8-10-alkylmethyl, chlorides):

The substance is not biodegradable and evaluated to be vP (and P)

The substance is not bioaccumulative in terms of PBT-criteria, log POW: 2.93 and log POW 3.81(CMC1) and 3.72 (CMC2)

The substance is toxic by a classification in terms of Repro toxic 2, H361


Evaluation of side components / impurities with regard to PBT

Three side components/impurities (octanol CAS: 111-87-5; decanol CAS 112-30-1; Amines, tri-C8-10-alkyl CAS: 68814-95-9) are listed in the composition of chapter 1.2. of the dossier for Quaternary ammonium compounds, tri-C8-10-alkylmethyl, chlorides. For each component an individual REACH dossier is already available. None of the components is currently evaluated to be PBT or vPvB.  Further side components/impurities are water and <  1% non-specified impurities, for which no information is available.