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Penta-PSAN-EA-TEA-Na is a brown viscous liquid.

According to OECD102 study the melting point of Penta-PSAN-EA-TEA-Na is 18 ± 3 °C.

According to OECD103 study the boiling point of Penta-PSAN-EA-TEA-Na is 109 ± 5 °C at 101.9 kPa.

According to OECD109 study the density of Penta-PSAN-EA-TEA-Na is 1.0835 ±0.0002 at 20°C and the relative density is D420 = 1.08.

The vapour pressure of Penta-PSAN-EA-TEA-Na is 0.7 Pa at 20 °C.

The Partition coefficient of Penta-PSAN-EA-TEA-Na is logPow=1.1-1.6.

According to ISO 4311 the critical micelle concentration of Penta-PSAN-EA-TEA-Na is 0.12 ± 0.05 g/L at 20°C. The critical micelle concentration is the appropriate parameter describing water solubility of surface active materials.

According to OECD105 study Penta-PSAN-EA-TEA-Na is miscible with n-octanol at every ratio. For substances that are completely miscible with octanol, the numerical value of the octanol solubility should be derived from the density. Based on that the n-octanol solubility of Penta-PSAN-EA-TEA-Na acid is 1083.5 g/l.

According to OECD115 study the surface tension of Penta-PSAN-EA-TEA-Na is 30.6 ± 0.1 mN/m at a concentration of 1 g/l at 20°C.

According to EU A.9 study the flash point of Penta-PSAN-EA-TEA-Na is >105°C at 101.9 kPa.

According to EU A.15 study the auto flammability of Penta-PSA-EA-TEA-Na is 385°C.

There are no structural alerts within Penta-PSAN-EA-TEA-Na and great experience in handling and use give evidence that no Pyrophoricity and Flammability on contact with water properties give any concern. For liquids the Flammability is described by the Flash Point. The Flash Point of the substance is >105°C.

Penta-PSAN-EA-TEA-Na is a is considered to have no explosive properties as there are no chemical groups associated with explosive properties present in the molecule.

Penta-PSAN-EA-TEA-Na is a is considered to have no oxidising properties as there are no halogen or oxygen atoms bond to nitrogen or oxygen.

Penta-PSAN-EA-TEA-Na is a is considered to be stable in organic solvents.

The calculated pka of Penta-PSAN-EA-TEA-Na is 4.62 ± 0.10 at 20°C.

According to OECD114 study the viscosity of Penta-PSA-EA-TEA-Na is 1590 ± 40 mPa.s (dynamic, 20°C) / 478 ± 12 mPa.s (dynamic, 40°C).