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HCFC 122a is a liquid with a relatively high tendency to volatize to the atmosphere.

The lifetime in the atmosphere has been estimated to be 3.4 years.

As other hydrochlorofluorocarbons, although not as stable and therefore not persistent in the atmosphere as CFCs, HCFC 122a is expected to diffuse in the stratosphere where the reaction with the ozone by photochemically-produced chlorine radicals can occurr, resulting in the ozone layer depletion. For this reason, according to Regulation (EU) 1272/2008, it has been classified as “Hazardous to the Ozone Layer 1”.


The contribute to Global Warming has been estimate as following:

GWP at 20 years = 770

GWP at 100 years = 240

GWP at 500 years = 71


Basing on experimental results, HCFC 122a is not expected to be readily biodegradable in water.