Substance identification

REACH requires all registrants to provide sufficient information to identify the substance they manufacture or import. There must be only one registration for each substance, so companies registering the same substance have to submit the registration jointly.


Report clearly what you are registering
  • If you are the lead registrant, report the boundary composition and information on the test materials, on behalf of all member registrants. If a large variation of compositions exists or if compositions have different classifications, report more than one boundary composition.
  • Make sure that the composition you report for your substance (legal entity composition) is within the boundary composition of the substance reported in the lead registrant dossier.
  • Make full use of the available IUCLID reporting fields. If you are registering nanoforms of a substance, report all the characterisation parameters specific for the nanoforms or sets of similar nanoforms.
Demonstrate the relevance of your test materials
  • Report the identities of the constituents/groups of constituents and their concentration values for each test material used to generate the data for the information requirements listed in REACH Annexes VII to XI.
  • Provide the test material information in the relevant fields in IUCLID under each endpoint entry.

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