Collecting information on uses


You have to report in the registration dossier how your substance is used in your supply chain. To get this information you can use many sources, for example:

  • Knowledge collected in your own company about your customers' uses. You know the uses of the substance based on the market you supply. You may have already documented the uses in the safety data sheets you supply to your customers.
  • Direct contact with your customers. This is relevant when you supply to a limited number of customers who are directly using the substance to make it react or to incorporate it into an article.
  • Sector use maps available on ECHA's website. These are relevant, for example, when you supply to formulating sectors. Use maps contain already compiled and agreed description of typical uses for a given sector. Check the availability of sector use maps in the overview table on ECHA's website.

If you are not selling your substance to a well-defined sector, for example, you sell to distributors only, you have to reserve time to collect information on uses.

If you are joining an existing registration, check whether the uses of your supply chain are already appropriately described. You should then adopt the same description.

Take care of how you describe your uses, as this information is used by authorities, for example, to prioritise substances for potential regulatory risk management. You are advised to:

  • cover only real uses relevant in your supply chain;
  • include information on tonnage per use;
  • collect and report as precise information as possible on specific uses including:
    • consumer uses.
    • uses in articles.
    • uses in limited number of sites only.
    • uses in rigorous containment.
    • intermediate uses.
    • food contact and cosmetics uses.

As well as describing the uses in your registration dossier, you may need to describe the conditions of safe use in exposure scenarios, which are part of the chemical safety report. A chemical safety report is required if you register a substance at or above 10 tonnes per year.

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