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Chesar 3 user manual

  • To get an overview on Chesar 3 and its functionalities, please read the following:
    Chesar 3 user manual
  • To support the sector association in creating use maps including SPERCs, SCEDs and SWEDs, the following manual has been developed:
    Chesar 3 for sector associations
  • Chesar 3 has an on line help system embedded into the application. The targeted help text is visible whenever you click the related icon (?).
  • The user manual and the help text will be continuously updated in order to meet the user's needs. Please provide your feedback through the ECHA contact form.
  • REACH joint registration workflows for Chesar users has been developed to give practical advice to on how to share information when perparing a chemical safety report (CSR) for REACH Joint registration

Chesar 3 installation manuals

Chesar 3 webinar

Chesar 3 video tutorials

Chesar 2 video tutorials

  • Introduction on Chesar 2
    The tutorial presents a general overview of the functionalities of Chesar 2 and describes the workflow for carrying out a chemical safety assessment and generating a chemical safety report. The tutorial will help users to develop their understanding of the structure and terminology of Chesar 2.
  • Box 1 - Substance management
    This tutorial presents how the user can manage in Chesar the substances to be assessed and check the information related to their properties contained in the IUCLID file.
  • Box 2 - Report uses
    This tutorial presents how the user can report in Chesar the uses of the life cycle of the substance.
  • Box 3 - Exposure estimation management
    This tutorial presents how the user can carry out in Chesar one or more quantitative exposure assessments for each contributing scenario by selecting an appropriate exposure estimation method and defining the corresponding conditions of use.
  • Box 4 - Exposure scenario building and CSR
    This tutorial presents how the user can build in Chesar the final exposure scenarios and eventually generate the chemical safety report.
  • Box 5 - Generation of exposure scenarios for communication
    This tutorial presents how the user can generate in Chesar exposure scenarios for the extended safety data sheet from the chemical safety assessment data and modify and customise their content.
  • Box 6 - Library management
    This tutorial presents how the user can manage in Chesar the library of the elements used for the chemical safety assessment and reporting.