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vapour pressure
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not specified
Study period:
Testing was conducted between 13th November 2012 to 6th March 2013
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study technically not feasible
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study report
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The vapour pressure has not been determined. The vapour pressure could not be estimated due to the lack of boiling point data. The boiling point could not be determined as the test material decomposed.
The nature of the test material would indicate that there will be no appreciable vapour pressure.
Executive summary:

The vapour pressure of the Test Item was not determined as part of this study due to the degradation of the Test Item during the boiling point analysis

(decomposed between 285 ºC - 295 ºC). An estimation of the vapour pressure was not possible to calculate due to the lack of boiling point data .The nature of the test item would indicate however that there will not be any appreciable vapour pressure.