Download Chesar 3.0


Before downloading and installing Chesar please read the following information carefully:

  • Chesar 3 is made available as desktop and server versions.
  • The Chesar 3 installation packages are available from the Download button.
  • To download Chesar 3, you need to sign in and accept the Chesar License Agreement that is covering both desktop and server versions.
  • Please see the list of known issues for Chesar 3, available in the release notes together with some information on the new features and changes of Chesar 3.
  • Please be aware that the IUCLID 6 version that is fully compatible with Chesar 3 is the one published on 21 June 2016 on the IUCLID 6 website.

NOTE: If you have already installed Chesar 2.3 and want to upgrade it to Chesar 3, in order to keep the data you have already created please use the "Chesar 2.3 to Chesar 3 migration tool" and  carefully follow the instructions in the installation manual.

To be able to download the tool you need to create an account.

Please note, that download is currently not possible with Google Chrome browser in Windows 10 environment. Please use other browsers to download files.
We are working to fix the issue as soon as possible.

Security threat posed by log4j

Security threat posed by log4j

Recently a serious and very wide-ranging software security flaw has been disclosed. It is caused by a commonly used software component, named log4j. For more information see the official announcement by the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency of the US Government.

Chesar 3 is affected, therefore we temporarily remove the packages for download.

We recommend that Chesar 3 is not made available on a server that can be accessed from the public internet.

We will update you when more information becomes available.

Downloads are temporarily disabled.
Downloads are temporarily disabled.


Migration tool from Chesar 2.3 to Chesar 3

Please sign in to download files

Before downloading and installing the Chesar migration tool please read the following information carefully:

  • The migration tool is standalone application that converts the database built in Chesar 2.3 for Chesar 3.
  • The migration tool is migrating data from both desktop and server versions of Chesar 2.3 to Chesar 3 desktop version and to Chesar 3 server version.


Installation manuals

The following manuals provide instructions on how to install Chesar 3 desktop and server versions. The instructions also explain how to migrate data from Chesar 2.3 to Chesar 3.

Chesar 3 installation manual - Desktop version

Chesar 3 installation manual - Server version


Release notes

The release notes document describes the most important information you should be aware of before running the application. In particular it describes the already known limitations of the application.

Chesar 3 release notes



Copyright notices

The manufacturer of Chesar acknowledges the following third party copyrights:

Third party copyrights