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Patch available for Chesar 3.6


A patch release of Chesar, Chesar, is available for download. This patch includes fixes to migration issues reported by some users when upgrading to Chesar 3.6. No need to upgrade if you did not experience any issue with the previously published Chesar 3.6.

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Do you want to be part of the Chesar Platform stakeholders’ community?


ECHA is currently setting up a stakeholder community to support the development of the Chesar Platform, the chemical risk assessment tool combining Chesar and EUSES. Do not miss this opportunity to let us know you want to be involved!

Chesar 3.6 available for download


An update of ECHA's chemical safety assessment and reporting tool, Chesar, has been published.

What is Chesar?

CHEmical Safety Assessment and Reporting tool

Chesar is an application developed by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) to help companies to carry out their chemical safety assessments (CSAs) and to prepare their chemical safety reports (CSRs) and exposure scenarios (ESs) for communication in the supply chain.

Chesar enables registrants to carry out their safety assessments in a structured, harmonised, transparent and efficient way. This includes the importing of substance-related data directly from IUCLID, describing the uses of the substance, carrying out exposure assessment including identifying conditions of safe use, related exposure estimates and demonstrating control of risks. Based on this, Chesar automatically generates the CSR and exposure scenarios for communication as a text document, and export information on use and exposure to IUCLID. Chesar also facilitates the re-use (or update) of assessment elements generated in a single Chesar instance or imported from external sources.






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