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First-aid measures

Inhalation: Move into fresh air and keep at rest. Get medical attention for any breathing difficulty.
Skin contact: No risk. Wash skin with soap and water.
Eye contact: Immediately rinse with water for 10 minutes. If irritation persists: Seek medical attention and bring along these instructions.
Ingestion: May irritate and cause malaise.

Fire-fighting measures

Extinguishing media: Use fire-extinguishing media appropriate for surrounding materials.
Specific hazards: No specific precautions.
(Special) protective equipment for fire-fighters: Usual protective equipment for fire fighters. Check the oxygen level before entering a smoked environment.
Flammability of product: product not flammable (aqueous solution of protein, suspended fibre and oil). However, the fine powder of the product can enter in self-ignition at high temperatures.

Accidental release measures

Personal precautions: Avoid contact with eyes. Avoid prolonged skin contact.
Environmental precautions: Biodegradable product. Avoid discharge into drains, water courses or onto the ground.
Methods for cleaning up: Remove by aspiration or sweeping and washing. Large quantities should not be discharged into the drain but removed with absorbing material.
Small spillages: Flush away spillage with plenty of water.

Handling and storage

Safe handling advice: Observe good chemical hygiene practices. Avoid contact with skin and eyes.
Handling: No smoking during the handling and observe the necessary personal protection.
Storage: Store in tightly closed original container. Storage in silo is not recommended. The storage must be clean and dried, preferential between 15 °C and 30 °C (below 40 °C). No smoking at the storage.
Incompatible materials: The previous storage inspections must be registered also mentioning the products stored in the last three times of use.
Technical measures: No special precautions.
Technical ixe cautions: No special precautions.
Technical measures for safe storage: No special precautions.

Transport information

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Marine transport (UN RTDG/IMDG)

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Exposure controls / personal protection

Engineering measures: No special precautions.
Personal protection: Personal protection equipment should be chosen according to CEN standards and in discussion with the supplier of the personal protective equipment.
Respiratory equipment: With normal working conditions no special precautions necessary.
Hand protection: Gloves are recommended for prolonged use. Nitrile gloves or rubber gloves are recommended.
Eye protection: Risk of splashes, wear goggles or face shield.
Hygiene measures: Wash hands after contact.
Specific parameters of control: No specific control is required.

Stability and reactivity

Stability: Feedstuff which should be stored no longer than 6 months. During storage, appropriate and controlled conditions are necessary.
Conditions to avoid: Avoid contact with fire. Avoid temperatures above 40 °C.
Hazardous decomposition products: None at normal conditions. Burning decomposition products CO and CO2.

Disposal considerations

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