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flash point of flammable liquids
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study scientifically not necessary / other information available
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First, the registered substance is actually a solid which is dissolved in water. The solid however cannot be isolated from water without being modified. Nevertheless, water is exempted from REACH, and the relevant part of the registered substance is a solid. The flash point is only a relevant property for liquids, so testing is scientifically not necessary.
Further, the flash point is determined by heating the substance to test temperature. Ignition trials are carried out in order to ascertain whether or not the sample flashed at the test temperature. When heated, the water content is expected to evaporize; water does not ignite. After evaporation of the water and further heating, the contained solid Propargyl 3-sulfopropyl ether, sodium salt - non-volatile due to its salt character - is expected to form dangerous decomposition products.
Finally, the registered substance contains in minor amounts prop-2-yn-1-ol as impurity, having a flash point of 33°C being classified as flammable liquid Cat. 3. However, with this minor concentration the substance in the form of an aqueous solution does not need to be regarded as flammable liquid; estimated via Raoult’s law, the solution would not be sufficiently volatile to give a flash point <60°C, which is the boundary value for classification as flammable liquid Cat. 3, and testing is scientifically not necessary.

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