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PBT status:
the substance is not PBT / vPvB

Octadecanoic Acid, reaction products with triethylenetetramine does not fulfill the criteria for PBT and vPvB.



According to available information from a readily biodegradability screening tests with Octadecanoic acid, reaction products with triethylenetetramine, there is no hint on (bio-)degradability of the substance. No further information is available.

In conclusion, the substance potentially fulfills the criteria for Persistence (P) and (vP).

However, no further information for the PBT assessment is neccessary: the substance is notB and notT, therefore "PBT" and "vPvB" can be excluded.

B-Criterion: not fulfilled based on BCF ≤ 2000 L/kg

T-Criterion: not fulfilled based on REACH Annex XIII criteria