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Classification & Labelling & PBT assessment

PBT assessment

Administrative data

PBT assessment: overall result

PBT status:
the substance is not PBT / vPvB

Persistence assessment

The substance is readily biodegradable and therefore based on initial persistence screening is not expected to meet the Persistent (P) or very Persistent (vP) criteria.

In a ready biodegradation study conducted according to OECD Guideline 301F, Hydrocarbons, C9-C12, n-alkanes, isoalkanes, <2% aromatics attained 80% biodegradation in 28 days (Vryenhoef, 2014a). The substance was therefore concluded to be readily biodegradable. The result is read across to Hydrocarbons, C9-C11, n-alkanes, isoalkanes, <2% aromatics.

Bioaccumulation (B) assessment

An evaluation of representative hydrocarbon structures indicates that some structures meet the Bioaccumulative (B) or very Bioaccumulative (vB) criteria (Lampi et al., 2010).

Toxicity (T) assessment       

No representative structures were identified as PB or vPvB, therefore a toxicity assessment is not needed. 


No representative hydrocarbon structures were found to meet the PBT / vPvB criteria.