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Guidance on Safe Use

Guidance on Safe Use

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Administrative data

First-aid measures

After inhalation:
Do not inhale dust.
After skin contact:
Rinse with water. Take off all clothing contaminated by the product.
After eye contact:
Rinse immediately with plenty of running water (for 10 minutes), seek medical attention from a specialist.
After ingestion:
Drink 1-2 glasses of water, do not induce vomiting, administer an antifoaming agent (sab simplex), seek medical attention.

Fire-fighting measures

Suitable extinguishing media:
foam, extinguishing powder, carbon dioxide
water spray jet
Extinguishing media which must not be used for safety reasons:
None known
Special hazards by the product itself:
None known
Additional information:
No particular measures required.

Accidental release measures

Personal precautions:
Avoid contact with skin and eyes.
Environmental precautions:
Do not empty into drains / surface water / ground water.
Process for cleaning and take-up:
Remove mechanically.

Handling and storage

Avoid open flames.
Avoid the formation and build-up of dust - danger of dust explosion-
Keep container tightly sealed.
Store in a dry place.
< + 40 °C

Transport information

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Marine transport (UN RTDG/IMDG)

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Exposure controls / personal protection

Additional information for system design:
If dust formation caused by handling cannot be avoided Staubex equipment for plants may be necessary.
Components with specific control parameters for workplace:
Attention: general dust limit value 6 mg/m3 (fine dust concentration)
Respiratory protection:
suitable breathing mask
Hand protection:
Suitable are protective gloves with the following specification. The recommendation is valid for laboratory conditions, specific workplace conditions must be taken into consideration separately.
Recommended protective gloves
Viton / 0,7 mm / Level 6 > 480 min. In case of full contact
Eye protection:
Goggles which can be tightly sealed.
Body protection:
suitable protective clothing
General protection and hygiene measures:
Wash hands before work breaks and after finishing work.

Stability and reactivity

Materials to avoid:
None if used for intended purpose.
Dangerous decomposition products:
No decomposition if used according to specifications.

Disposal considerations

Product disposal:
Waste incineration with the approval of the responsible local authority.