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The objective of the studies that were performed was to determine physico-chemical properties for the UVCB substance with IUPAC name: Reaction product of 4,4'-Isopropylidenediphenol, oligomeric reaction products with 1-chloro-2,3-epoxypropane and aqueous phosphoric acid, 2-butoxyethanol, 2-(dimethylamino)ethanol.

The summary of the results is listed below:





Melting temperature

EC A.1
OECD 102
OPPTS 830.7200

< -80°C (193K)


Boiling temperature

EC A.2
OECD 103
OPPTS 830.7220

no boiling temperature

reaction and/or decomposition of the test item was observed starting at 250°C(523K)


EC A.3
OECD 109
OPPTS 830.7300

 : 1.19


Vapour pressure

EC A.4
OECD 104
OPPTS 830.7950

20°C:    < 1.5 x 10-3Pa =
< 1.1 x 10-5mm Hg

25°C:    < 4.8 x 10-3Pa =
< 3.6 x 10-5mm Hg

isothermal TGA effusion method


EC A.9
UN paragr. 32.4.1
ISO 2719

Not possible to perform


(contact with water)

EC A.12
UN N.5

not highly flammable


Pyrophoric properties

EC A.13

UN N.3

not pyrophoric


Explosive properties

EC A.14
UN Test series 3
OPPTS 830.6316

not explosive


Auto-ignition temperature

EC A.15
DIN 51794

Not possible to perform


Oxidizing properties

EC A.21
UN O.2

not oxidizing


Method validation

SANCO 3029


Based on the two major peaks in the chromatograms

Surface tension

EC A.5
OECD 115

47.2 mN/m

surface active

at 20°C by the harmonized ring method

Water solubility

EC A.6
OECD 105
OPPTS 830.7840

Solubility of the complete UVCB is <100 mg/L but maximum solubility for the two major peaks is not reached yet at a loading rate of 3000 mg/L

at 20°C by the flask method based on the two major peaks in the chromatograms

Partition coefficient

EC A.24
OECD 117
OPPTS 830.7570

LogKow: 1.4 - 6.7

HPLC method

Hydrolysis as a function of pH

EC C.7
OECD 111
OPPTS 835.2120

pH 4: t½ > 1 year
pH 7: t½ > 1 year
pH 9: t½ > 1 year

Based on the two major peaks in the chromatograms

Adsorption coefficient

EC C.19
OECD 121

LogKoc: 1.9 - 5.36

HPLC method based on soil-adsorption-reference data

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