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The adsorption potential of the substance was calculated from the log Kow using the equation from EUSES (non-hydrophobics QSAR, because the log Kow < 3). The calculated Koc value is 129 L/kg (log Koc = 2.1). Based on this value, the substance has low potential for adsorption to solid surfaces and soil.

A Henry's law constantof 1.81E-04 Pa·m³/mol (at 12 °C) was calculated in EUSES (Vapour pressure 5.504E-03 Pa, 210.3 g/mol molecular weight and 3.42E+03 mg/L water solubility (both at 23 °C).Based on this value the substance has no potential to partition from water to air under environmental conditions (12°C).

Based on Level III environmental distribution modelling using EPISUITE (assuming equal and continuous releases to air, water and soil) using the CAS number 31906-04-4 and the measured physico-chemical parameters (3.42E+03 mg/L water solubility and 2.1 log Kow) as input, it is estimated that the majority of the substance released to the environment will partition mainly into soil (68.3%) and water (31.6%) with small amounts to air (0.0124%) and sediment (0.0924%).

The SimpleTreat model, which is incorporated in EUSES, simulates the distribution of the substance in a Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) based on vapour pressure, water solubility, log Koc and ready biodegradability. Model calculations show that 86.3% of the substance will be degraded and that 7.24E-05%, 12.5% and 1.2% will partition to air, water and sewage sludge, respectively.

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