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Some publications report effects of Benzotriazole and Tolyltriazole on the growth of terrestrial higher plants.

Wu et al. have conducted a series of test with different plants (Pumpkins, Alfalfa, Cottonwood, Corkscrew willow, horseraddish) indicating toxic effects of Benzotriazole on the growth of plants (Wu et al., 1998). In addition, findings in tomato plants (Davis, 1954), cucumber seedlings and bushbean plants (EPA report 1977) have been reported.

Lupher et al. investigated inhibition effects on sunflowers and fescue indicating significant effects at concentrations of 0.1 mg/mL of the test substance (Lupher, 1999).

Available information on inhibition of nitrification in topsoil samples indicates a strong inhibitory potential of Benzotriazole and Tolyltriazole. In observations with 45 heterocyclic N compounds in three different soils significant inhibition of nitrification (35, 55, and 81 %) at 12 µg Benzotriazole /g soil has been found (McCarty et al., 1989). By comparing the different molecular structures the three vicinal Nitrogen atoms in the triazole ring have been suspected as responsible fragment for the inhibitory effect.

As available information with regard to toxic effects on plants are not adequate for the chemical safety asssessment and the provisional assessment (PNECsoil calculated by EPM) indicates a risk for the soil compartment further tests have to be proposed. Hence, Benzotriazole  as well as the conjugated form show a similar behaviour in the environment the test will be used for the other substances too.

Due to the pandemic the terrestrial studies are on-going and will be amended.

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