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the substance is not PBT / vPvB

HFO-1234ze is not ready biodegradable, therefore it could be considered to be potentially persistent. Currently there are no established persistence criteria for the air compartment. However, life time of HFO-1234ze in the atmosphere is 14 days implying it is not persistent in air, the most important compartment to which the substance would partition after emission under normal foreseeable conditions of use.

HFO-1234ze is not expected to be bioaccumulative (log Kow = 1.6).

HFO-1234ze is not considered toxic to aquatic organisms with LC50 value for fish (96hr) and EC50 values for daphnia (48 hr), and alga (92 hr) greater than 100 mg/l. HFO-1234ze is not classified for any relevant human health endpoint.