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stability: thermal, sunlight, metals, other
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experimental study
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supporting study
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other: non GLP study conducted using standard method

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For thermal stability study

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Operating temp.:
175 °C
Operating temp.:
200 °C

For study on stability to sunlight

Test substance stable to sunlight:
not determined

For study on stability to metals

Test substance stable to metals / metal ions:

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Sealed Tube experiments, run at temperatures up to 200ºC with and without lubricants present, have produced up to 100 ppm oligomer/polymer. This severe temperature condition represents a simulated worst case accelerated lifetime test for the refrigerant over the design lifetime of an auto AC compressor. GC assay and fluoride content were unchanged in the absence of lubricant. In the presence of lubricant, small increases in acid number and fluoride were seen which may be attributed to the use of un-optimized formulations of lubricants supplied by their manufacturers.

Applicant's summary and conclusion

Presence of oxygen or standard / improved additized oils significantly reduces the potential for any oligomer formation – indeed the maximum amount of oligomer found in 200C sealed tube tests (with or without lubricant) or in severe compressor tests is <100 ppm and seems to be constant (does not grow further with time). Any oligomer formed will remain with the oil at very low levels and we expect it will not contribute at all to any change of lubrication or system performance.

• Thermal decomposition products - either organic, acid or fluoride - from accelerated aging tests indicated that decomposition is insignificant in the intended use of the test substance as a heat transfer fluid or for use as a refrigerant in presence of compressor lubrication oils.

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