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the substance is not PBT / vPvB

Mecoprop-P n-octyl ester hydrolyses rapidly in natural water. Therefore, the hydrolysis product Mecoprop-P acid (MCPP-P acid) was considered as relevant starting point for the PBT assessment of Mecoprop-P n-octyl ester.


For Mecoprop-P acid (MCPP-P acid) BCFs of 3 in the whole fish and 5.5 in the non-edible part were determined. The elimination half-lives were about 1 and 2 days, respectively. Mecoprop-P acid (MCPP-P acid) is expected to have a low potential for bioaccumulation.


Mecoprop-P n-octyl ester is neither readily nor inherent biodegradable. But the corresponding hydrolysis product Mecoprop-P acid (MCPP-P acid) is readily biodegradable and, therefore, not persistent in the environment. Consequently Mecoprop-P n-octyl ester is considered to be non-persistent in the environment as well.


The criterion for toxicity is not fulfilled and Mecoprop-P n-octyl ester and its hydrolysis product Mecoprop-P acid (MCPP-P acid) are therefore not T.


Overall for Mecoprop-P n-octyl ester neither the P, the B nor the T criterion are fulfilled.